Thank you for considering volunteering with Safety Around Water (S.A.W.)! By becoming an in-water volunteer instructor, you can make a significant impact on the students in our community. 

In this role, you will work alongside a trained swim instructor who will be in the water with you. Together you will guide a group and demonstrate various skills. Your primary responsibility will be assisting students as they practice each skill, fostering a positive and supportive learning environment.

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Safety Rules for Students

1. Walk on deck.

2. Ask permission to enter the water.

3. Listen for the Lifeguard whistle.

4. Hand on the wall when in the water.

Safety Rules for Volunteer Instructors

1. Keep students in front of you at all times in the water.

2. Do not use the same locker rooms as the students. 

What to Expect Each Week

Day 1: Determine groups with skills and swim testing

Day 2: Skill learning day 1; Jump-Push-Turn-Grab, Swim-Float-Swim, and Water Exit

Day 3: Skill learning day 2; Reach or Throw-Don't Go, Practice previous days skills

Day 4: Skill learning day 3; Practice previous day's skills

Day 5: Fun Day; Boating-Lifejacket Safety, ABC's-CPR, Skills and Swim re-testing, Free Swim

To make the most of our time with the students, we kindly ask that you are in the water, with your equipment prepared and ready to go before the students enter the pool area. 

A brief overview of our teaching approach

The swim instructor will demonstrate a skill to the entire group, after which each child will have the opportunity to practice that skill individually. We focus on the phrase Instruct to the group, teach to the child. 

Thank you for volunteering!

Your interest and potential commitment to volunteering mean a lot to us. Thank you for considering joining the Y and our goal to enrich our community.