Spend the Day at the Y!

The Richard Kane YMCA is a membership organization and our first priority is to serve our members who have made a commitment to the YMCA by joining. Day Passes are available at The Richard Kane YMCA for those who are not active YMCA Members. Day passes grant guests access to The Richard Kane YMCA for the full day. 

Youth Passes (under 18): $5

Adult Passes (18+): $10

*receipt required for re-entry.

Are you an adult visiting more than 5 times a month or a youth visiting more than 4 times a month?

Get your Y membership today to save $$!


  • Day Passes are available for all ages. Youth passes MUST be signed by an adult (18+) who can take legal responsibility for that youth.

  • ID is required at each visit for individuals 16+ and for individuals taking responsibility for youth passes.

  • Day Passes are valid only for the month they were signed in. i.e. passes signed on or before Jan. 31st are not valid on or after Feb. 1st.

  • Adult Day Passes grant adult guests access to the full facility, including pool, fitness centers, group exercise classes, and 18+ locker rooms.

  • Youth Day Passes grant youth guests limited access to our facility.

    • 12 and younger: Allowed access to *gymnasium, *Racquetball court, *swimming pool, *playground, *Family Friendly group fitness classes.

    • 12-14: Allowed access to gymnasium, **Racquetball court, **swimming pool, *playground, *Family Friendly group fitness classes, *Cardio Fitness Center.

    • 15+: Allowed access to all areas of YMCA facility except for 18+ locker rooms.

*Youth guardians must be with them in this area.

**Youth may be in this area without their guardian however, youth's guardian MUST be in the YMCA.

The YMCA reserves the right to refuse access based on inappropriate behavior or not abiding by the rules, regulations, and policies of the Y.

Questions? Visit or call the Richard Kane YMCA at 918-336-0713.