Discipline and Dismissal: 

Children are entitled to a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere. The program uses redirection, loss of a privilege, staff/child consultation, staff/parent consultation, and suspension from the program as measures of discipline. Unacceptable behavior will be cause for dismissal from the program.

If a child is chronically disruptive to the function of the child care program, his/her enrollment may be terminated upon the recommendation of the staff after reasonable effort to integrate the child into the program and after consulting with the site coordinator, the parent(s), the child care director, and the Richard Kane YMCA CEO. Notification of termination will be given at least 5 school days prior to dismissal.

A child may be suspended immediately for an indefinite amount of time for unacceptable behavior such as fighting, being disrespectful to staff, damage to school or program property, threatening others, and non-compliance of program safety rules. No refund will be given for days of suspension.